Are you an avid live entertainment fan who is always keeping a keen eye on new shows and announcements in the St. Petersburg area? If you are, and like thousands of other fans like to make sure you go to the greatest events this decade has to offer, then you’d know all about Vinoy Park. And you’d definitely know that it is up there when it comes to creating an atmosphere that makes any event a once in a lifetime experience. It guarantees that St. Petersburg will be transformed from “just another stop on a tour” to one of the busiest and most eclectic cities in the world. So for that reason you’ll be pleased to know that the phenomenal Vinoy Park Events is opening its doors again, and all you need to do is secure your tickets.

However, you are not the only one aware of the uniqueness of Vinoy Park. Every fan up and down the state is reading event announcements and booking their tickets. To save you any disappointment we suggest booking as early as possible to secure your perfect seats.

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Vinoy Park ticketsTickets provided by Ticket Squeeze.

We are working with a new partner; Ticket Squeeze to meet the high demand of ticket sales and ensure our readers are never disappointed. The new system allows customers a much smoother and straightforward booking experience so that you can be closer to the action – faster and easier.

Ticket Squeeze is well-known in the live event industry as one of the most reliable and secure ticketing systems anywhere in the world. That is the exact reason we’ve teamed up to deliver our visitors the best experience when using our site and booking tickets to your favorite shows. This has also allowed us to now offer never before seen benefits and perks which are free and included within the ticket sale. So next time you come to book tickets to see your favorite artists, you’ll have a much easier, faster, and beneficial experience than ever! All of the artists we have secured tickets for, both present and future, will be available for you to view so you can plan your next visits throughout the year that much easier.

Included in the policies which are outlined below, we strive to give you the simplest and most secure experience possible, giving you complete authenticity and simplicity throughout your live event experience from start to finish. After all, getting tickets to a show is part of the process, so why shouldn’t that be enjoyable too?

In the past, you may have purchased tickets from various different online sites, but when you buy here direct from the Vinoy Park Events website, you’ll receive all the benefits a customer buying direct from the ticket booth would, including the prices, but also with added security.

PLEASE NOTE: if you make a booking via another website, we will not be able to guarantee the authenticity of the Vinoy Park tickets.

Vinoy Park ticket benefits

Low Prices & low fees

By working with our new partner, Ticket Squeeze, we can now help you find the best possible price for the tickets to the show you need to see. We know trying to find tickets to a big name event is difficult, which is often why other ticket providers can charge significantly higher prices for the exact same tickets in order to meet the demand. But we guarantee that when you purchase through Ticket Squeeze, you’re going to get anywhere between 5% and 45% cheaper tickets than any other provider, meaning you can see your favorite performer at Vinoy Park without having to break the bank.

Last minute downloadable tickets

We are a company built around people who love live events. Whether it’s music, comedy, theater, or anything else. And that means that we know better than anyone that sometimes buying tickets can be a last minute thing, especially in St. Petersburg. All of our tickets are available from the second they go on sale, all the way through to a few hours before the event. You’ll then receive an email with your purchase along with the downloadable ticket, and all you need to do then is show the barcode when you arrive at the venue. So, say goodbye to the last minute ticket stress, running around to find printers, and just relax and enjoy the show.

Side-by-side seating

What is the hardest thing about booking a group of tickets for you and a group of friends? Is it trying to decide on the show? Is it everyone trying to get the time off of work? With so many aspects to organize already, let us make one thing easier, we guarantee that for your booking you can be 100% sure of receiving side by side seating, so your whole group is sat together to enjoy the show. All you need to do is select the show, the number of tickets, and what part of the venue you want to be in, and Ticket Squeeze will handle the rest. Sound simple enough?

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

As someone who loves to go to events, we know there is no worse feeling than a show getting cancelled which you have been planning and looking forward to for months. But sometimes, there is nothing that can be done, and things are simply out of your hands. The fact of the matter is it happens from time to time, but it’s how the issue gets resolved which is what’s important, and that’s why we have put in place a cancellation and refund policy which has you fully covered.

When you book tickets through Ticket Squeeze and an event gets cancelled or postponed, we automatically validate your ticket for the rescheduled date so that you can still go and see the show you’ve been planning and waiting for. All you have to do is hold onto your ticket whether it’s printable or downloadable, and simply use it for the rescheduled date. In the rare case an event gets cancelled, we issue a full refund no questions asked. You’ll automatically receive the refund, so there’s no need to spend time contacting our team, just check your bank account.

Authenticity Guarantees

One of the most stressful parts of booking event tickets online is guaranteeing their authenticity. Well worry no more, because Ticket Squeeze makes authentic tickets a certainty. Unfortunately, the ticketing industry has become flooded with fraud ticket vendors, so knowing your buying from a reputable and reliable vendor is key. That’s where Ticket Squeeze steps in, guaranteeing you a 100% authentic ticket.

Should the unlikely happen, we have a strict refund policy which will issue a full refund of your ticket price, but with our strict ticket verification system these issues are few and far between. Ticket Squeeze always have their customers at heart, and strive to give them the best experience possible, and never stop working to ensure any tickets purchased are 100% valid and will gain entrance to the chosen show.


The above guarantees are ONLY valid for tickets purchased with our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze

If you purchase your tickets elsewhere, ALWAYS check the price and thoroughly check the terms and conditions to make sure they are 100% authentic.